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Hi, and Welcome to flickie

My name is Aaron Broderick, the owner and founder of flickie.net. My story for how flickie came about all started back in 2016 when I was living in China managing productions and the quality control of our Stainless Steel Drink Bottles (ECOtanka). I love watching, listening and learning all the information that people publish especially which is controversial to mainstream media (the stuff you will never hear or see on TV) as it gives me a perspective on how I could see the world as it really is, THE TRUTH. It was probably towards the end of 2016, some of the videos I was following started to disappear.

I decided that if this happened again, I would have to do something about it. As you all know, it happened. Living in China for 6 years during 2010-2016, I got to pick up internet censorship very fast, which made me see that censorship was very likely to be a much worse problem in the next few years.

Although I had no clue how to neither build nor manage a video hosting site, I got started anyway. I set out to find all the information that I could. Step by step, I solved one problem after another and after another … This year (2020) gave me the time to complete my research and finish this project, so I can watch the videos that interest me more than FAKE NEWS or Propaganda stories from the mainstream media. After 3 years of spare-time research, testing and countless failures, flickie was finally established in the end of 2020.

I am personally sick of the lies we are told by our officials, the corrupt systems we have to work or deal with in our daily life, and the rules and regulations that are imposed on us because THEY think it is best for us when it is only best for their back pockets and their thrones!

If your videos have been deleted, banned or removed from BIG TECH due to any censorship, then it is time for you to move on and upload to flickie. If you cannot watch real stories anymore, maybe you can recommend flickie to the REAL content makers for them to reveal the truth to more people, and to everyone to share REAL stories. We don't NEED BIG TECH.

I hope you enjoy the site. And I appreciate if you want to donate and help to improve and grow flickie.

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